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NALRC North American Lionhead Rabbit Club

The NALRC (North American Lionhead Rabbit Club) is the current national club for Lionhead Breeders
and offers a large National show once a year in Columbus, OH in May. Visit their site for more details.

Pridelands Rabbitry

Theresa Mueller, current Lionhead breed presenter  in REW & Tortoise,
and rabbitry partner Cheryl Rafoth, located in Washington State, breeding top
show quality Lionheads & Holland Lops.  These two ladies have an amazing partnership!

Bastet's Bunnies

Dawn Guth, of Ohio, a good friend who is owned by some pretty fabulous American Fuzzy Lops.

Heinold Feeds

Located in Kouts, IN since 1936, they feature a complete line of nutritional feeds
for rabbits, sheep, goat, dairy, swine, beef and horses.  I am a firm believer that the quality of this feed has
contributed to the success of my rabbit herd since 1978.  I proudly give my rabbits only Heinold Feeds
and wholeheartedly recommend that you do the same!

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