...things we think you should know & other important notices...

    November, 2015:  The ARBA Standards Committee approved our 2nd showing of the Chocolate Variety of Lionhead at ARBA Convention in Portland, OR!!

    November, 2014:  The ARBA Standards Committee approved our 1st showing of the Chocolate Variety of  Lionhead at ARBA Convention in Fort Worth, TX!!

    July 20, 2013: Porter County Fair Open show was yet another fun day!  LeAnn McKinney judged, and we enjoyed spending the day at the fair!  I won BOV/BOSV with my choc Mini Satins, and I won BOS Tan with my buck who now has 4 legs!  Fun day!  

    July 6, 2013: Laporte County Fair Open Show was a fun day!  Judge Tom Berger is always pleasant, and we enjoy his judging style.  I won BOB/BOS Mini Satin with my chocolates, and BOSG Solid Holland Lop, and Tye won BOB Tan and BOB/BOS Brit.  Fun day!

    June 9, 2013:  We had a great time at the CRBA show today in Hamlet! In the OPEN SHOW, I won BOB Tan (with my ONLY Tan who is now 3 for 3 and a Grand Champ!), BOB Silver Fox, and BOV & BOSV Chocolate Mini Satin. Tye won BOS OPEN Tan, and BOB & BOS OPEN Britannia Petite. In the Youth show, Tye won BOB Britannia Petite, BOB Beveren, and BOB & BOS Tan. All of Tye's winning rabbits were his home-raised bunnies, and he came home with several GC legs. He also took a stab at the Showmanship contest and came away with a nice certificate for Champion Novice! Now it's time to relax!

May 4, 2013:  LA Lions Mystery (REW Jr. Doe) wins BEST OF BREED at the NALRC National Lionhead Exhibition Show in Columbus, OH!!!

November 1, 2012:  Tye's rabbits did extremely well at the ARBA Convention in Wichita, KS.   In Brits, he won BOV Black, BOSV Otter and BOSV REW.  In Beverens, he won BOV & BOSV White and Best Fur.  In Tans he had 3rd place Black Sr. doe and Choc Jr. doe.  All in all, a great showing for him!  

July 21, 2012:  Tye won Best Reserve in Show at the Porter Co. Open Rabbit Show in Valparaiso, IN today with his home-raised black otter jr. doe "JT".  He also won BOSV Black tan with a black junior buck, and earned GC legs in both black jr. classes.

May 12, 2012:  Took Tye's Tans to Pontiac, IL for the LCRBA show.  Ended up showing them in Open since Tye did not go with.  BOV Chocolate Show A&B with "Tye's Jason", BOS Show A & BOB Show B with "Tye's Frances", and BOS Show B with "Tye's Scratchy"!  Fun Show!

May 5, 2012:  My auction donation, "LA Lions Sparkle" won 3rd Black Jr. Doe out of 24 in her class (17 exhib) in the NALRC National Lionhead Exhibition Show. In the APBRS Britannia Petite National Show (youth), Tye swept all 4 Black Otter Classes and won the "Bridesmaid Award" (aka "Almost, But Not Quite"), and in the Specialty, he swept Black Otters again, and went on to win BOB with his home raised jr. doe "Tye's Nellie Brown". His new friend Nellie Brown won BOS with a black. We had a great time, and I really enjoyed spending time with some very nice Brit breeders. Tye was thrilled with his plaques and trophy!

4-6/7-12:  On the eve of ATRSC Tan Nationals in the ITRC Specialty show, "Tye's Ocean Star" (Sr D) won BOSV Black.  During the National Youth show, Tye won the title of "Lord" in the Royalty Contest, and "Tye's Muscle Man" won 1st place Lilac Jr. Buck and "Tye's Lovey" won 3rd place Choc Sr. Doe.  In the National Open show, a black Sr. Buck Tye had sold to the Shepherds of IN won 7th place out of  28 Sr. Bucks!  WTG Shepherds!!!  In the Golden Prairie Youth show, "Tye's Jason" (Jr B) won BOSV Choc.  Tye made new friends and had a blast!

3/17/12: Tye won the title "Lord" in the Royalty Contest at NCIRBA in Nappanee, IN today!  He entered the contest all by himself!
 Also, his black Sr. Tan doe "Tye's Chet" won BOB in both Show A & B, earning her ARBA Grand Champion Certificate.  Also
earning her ARBA Grand Champion Certificate by winning BOB in Show B, was my Sr. Silver Fox doe "LA Foxes Eakins Kelci".
All in all, a great day!

3-10-12:  Tye showed in OPEN at the rabbit show in Columbia City, IN today and won 1st place Black Tan Sr. Doe, BOV Lilac Tan and BOSV Chocolate Tan.  Way to go against the "big people"!  Thanks to Sue for making it possible today!

11-2-11:  88th ARBA Natl Convention results: Tye won BOV Chocolate Tan in the Youth show,
and I won 1st Silver Fox Jr. doe as well as BOV/BOSV Chocolate Lionhead
 in the Exhibition show as well as 3rd black tort jr doe.

10-15-11:  Tye won BOV black Tan today at NCIRBA Nappanee, IN
with his black Sr. buck D&J's He's Hot, and I won a GC leg for my 1st place broken Holland jr. buck!

9-24-11:  Tye won BOB in show A a Wabash, IN with D&J's Luv Luv, which was her 3rd GC leg and granded her!
Also, BOSV Black with D&J's He's Hot & BOSV Chocolate with Sr. Doe, Tye's Lovey!  
In Show B, he won BOS with Tye's TYE30, black Jr. doe and BOV Choc with Tye's Mr. Cocoa.

7-23-11:  Porter Co Fair results:  Tye did well with BOB/BOS Tan - BOV/BOSV Blk, BOV choc,
BOB Britannia Petite, and I won BOV Red Mini Satin, BOSG Solid Holland Lop and BOB/BOS Silver Fox

7-16-11:  LaPorte Co Fair show results: BOB Tan, BOS Silver Fox, BOB Britannia Petite, BOV Red Mini Satin

7-7-11:  Made the tough decision to send my small herd of BEW Polish home with good friends
 so that we could make way for Tye's new Britannia Petites.  He will have chestnut, REW and black,
as well as a few project hybrid brokens and a pair of really nice siamese sables.

6-12-11:  Fun day at the Calumet RBA Show - BOB Lionhead with choc tort jr buck LA Lions Tooluxe,
 and Tye won BOB Tan in both Open and Youth with black and chocolate jr does, respectively!
He also won BOS in Open with his chocolate sr. buck!

5-2-11: Another National Lionhead Show is now in the books! I was very pleased with my entry's placings!
Highlights include LA Lions Glimmer (jr doe) winning BOSV Black Tortoise & LA Lions Pepperjack (jr buck) winning BOV Chestnut!
Other wins include 2nd Place Black Sr. Doe &  Chocolate Sr. Doe,  4th Place Chestnut Jr. Doe and 11th Place Black Jr. Doe out of 30!
Thanks to Debbie Courtney for tagging along! A.  we had a good time, and 2.  we should do it again!

12-4-10 I have decided to drop Opal, Lilac & Seal from my Lionhead COD so
that I can focus on my Chocolates and Chocolate torts.
I have also decided that I will rarely exhibit Lionheads in local shows,
and may only show my stock at the NALRC National Show and the ARBA Convention.

10-2-10: Sue Fuller was nice enough to take a few of our bunnies to the
Golden Prairie RBA in Lafayette,  IN today since we had other obligations.  
Won BOB/BOS Lionhead with a pair of black tort juniors.  
My new white Mini Satin doe also won her first G.C. leg.
Also, son Tye's lilac and chocolate Tans both won BOV in the Open Show.


9-25-10:  Did not attend the Wabash Erie Canal RC show in Peru, IN today, but
sent a couple of Tye's Tans and he won BOB & BOS in the Open Show.  
We did not send any Lionheads.  Thanks to Sue Fuller for taking Tye's bunnies!


9-18-10  Had a fun day with friends at the River Valley RC show
 in South Bend.  LA Lions Peregrina, our chestnut jr doe,
won BOB and our black jr buck, LA Lions Koda won BOS.  No more shows
for us over the next couple of weeks--too busy with other stuff!

7-24-10:  Tye's winning streak continued at the Porter Co. Open Show with BOB & BOS Tan wins!
We also had BOB Lionhead w/ "LA Lions Tisela" and BOS w/ "LA Lions Quicksilver".
In addition, we won BOB & BOS SIlver Fox, and BOSG Solid Holland Lop w/ "LA Wizards Ocean", a blue doe.
This was her 3rd GC leg win, so she is the first Grand Champion produced by the collaboration of Anita Moore & myself!!

7/17/10: Tye's Black Tan Jr. Doe "Ocean Star" wins Best 4 Class,
BOB & BOV at LaPorte Co. Fair Open Show!!!  
He also won BOS with his Black Tan Sr. Buck "D&J's Twizzler"!  
We also won BOB Lionhead with an SS jr doe "LA Lions Tisela"
and BOS with our Lilac jr buck "Wizards Sterling".  Our other winnings included
BOB & BOS SIlver Fox and BOS Holland Lop.  It was a great day!


7/11/10:  BEST IN SHOW/Best 4 Class at Starke Co. 4-H Fair was won today
by Will Stasiek with a black Tan jr. doe from Tye's Tans!!!

~ ! ~

6-27-10:  Tye's Tan buck D&J's Twizzler did it again!  He won BOB at the CRBA show in Youth,
 and BOS went to D&J's Carmella, Tye's choc jr doe.  There were 4 exhibitors and several Tans at the show!

6-12-10: Tye's black tan buck D&J's Twizzler, won BOS in Open Show B at Iroquois RBA.
In Lionheads, LA Lions Custer, a choc tort jr buck, won BOS in Show A & BOB in Show B.  
Thanks to Sue Fuller for showing our bunnies for us!

6-1-2010:  We just got back from the Sunflower Lionhead Specialty Show in NE,
and I have to say it was an awesome time.  All 5 of our entries won BOV in all 4 shows,
and our SS doe LA LIons Tanzi was Best In Show in Specialty A.
Our blue buck LA Lions Law won BOS in NTOP Show B.  

~ * ~ * ~

May 1, 2010:  Congratulations to Charde' Dupree whose LA Lions placed as follows at the 2010 NALRC Nationals:
LA Lions Walkyre 3rd Blk Sr. Doe YOUTH
LA Lions Cream of Wheat 4th Sr Blue Tort Doe YOUTH
and of course, we showed LA Lions Anslea who was 5th Sr. Doe OPEN
and she was sold to Theresa Mueller & Cheryl Rafoth in the Live Auction.


3-21-10:  Also, at the NCIRBA show in Nappanee,
I won Champion Adult Showmanship by having the highest combined score
 for breed identification and the rabbit knowledge test.  I won a nice little plaque for my efforts.
I urge everyone to participate in events such as this, as it only serves to enhance your rabbit raising experience!

3-21-10:  Mary Stasiek just keeps burning up the show tables with her Lionheads from LA Lions!!  Yesterday, I was at NCIRBA in Nappanee and watched her win BOB & BOS Youth with LA Lions Leviosa & LA Lions Tyson, both black.  Last week at the Columbia City, IN show, LA Lions Tyson won BOB Youth on Saturday.  Congrats on all those nice rosettes, Mary!!

January 1, 2010 - when purchasing a Lionhead from LA Lions,
you may choose to have up to 10% of your total rabbit purchase* applied to
 one (1) new Single 1-year membership (Open or Youth) in your choice of the ARBA or NALRC.
We feel strongly that both of these organizations provide a wealth of benefits for their members
that are vital to a well-rounded and informed rabbit raising experience.
(*Up to $20 value, applies to new memberships only, must join at time of purchase.)


11-20-09 - LA Lions took Nebraska by storm!  We travelled to Seward, NE this weekend for the SLRC Specialty
 and did very well!  LA Lions Kimlin, our choc tort buck, won Best In Show in the SLRC Specialty,
and then went on to win BOB in NTOP Show A and BOS in NTOP Show B.  Our does also did well!
 LA Lions Diva (seal)
won BOS in the Specialty, and LA Lions Paradox (choc) got BOS in NTOP Show A.  
In NTOP Show B, LA Lions Icon, a chestnut doe owned by Lynne Schultz won BOB.  
Congratulations, Lynne!  LA Lions Kimlin went home with Lynne to assist her with her orange program.

` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` `

11-14-09  Newport, ME - LA Lions Theo, a chocolate Jr Buck that I had sent as a gift to
Shelly Wilson of Harpswell, ME won BOS today out of 15 Lionheads shown.  
Way to go, Shelly! (She also won BOB with one of her home-raised BEW.)


11-5-09:  LA Lions Ulysses won BOV Chocolate in the Lionhead Exhibition show
at the 2009 ARBA Convention in San Diego, CA.  
After the show, he was flown to his new home in New Jersey!

10-27-09:  Please remove our home phone number 219-754-1050
from your phonebooks as it is no longer in service.  
We made the decision to eliminate our land line phone
 and now our only contact number is 219-405-4877.


10-24-09: Sent a couple Lionheads and a Holland Lop to Golden Prairie RBA in Lafayette, IN 
and am happy to report that my seal jr. doe "LA Lions Diva" got BOB Lionhead, and
my siamese sable buck "LA Lions Terrell" got BOS.  According to my rabbit
handlers, there were quite a few other Lionheads and exhibitors in attendance.
My little blue Holland Lop doe won yet another GC leg by winning her class out of 8 jr. does.
Also, a siamese sable jr. buck I sold to Karen Brown took BOB Youth.  Congrats!!


10-17-09: SS jr. buck, LA Lions Terrell won BOB Lionhead/OPEN & his
Seal littermate sister LA Lions Diva won BOS
at the NCIRBA show in Nappanee, IN.
At the same show, LA Lions Tyson won BOB in Youth again for Sam Stasiek.
  Also, an opal Holland Lop jr. doe LA Wizards Darla was shown
by Will Stasiek, won her class and earned her first Grand Champion leg.

~ ~ ~ ~

10-3-09:  LA Lions Tyson, a 2xm black jr. buck won BOB in Youth at the show in Wabash, IN,
way to go Stasiek family!  What a shame we decided to stay home and missed the show!


9-26-09:  LA Lions Terrell, siamese sable 2XM jr. buck, won BOB at Wabash-Erie Canal RC in Peru, IN.
17 Lionheads were exhibited in Open by 6 exhibitors, judged by Donyelle Schultz.
At that same show, our blue Holland Lop jr. doe, LA WIzards Ocean, earned her 1st GC leg
by winning BOS -- judge Stacy Easton.


LA Lions does not endorse, support or otherwise have knowledge of the breeding practices of ANY other breeders;
nor do we work with, share stock or otherwise evaluate the offspring or sale animals of any others' herds.  From time to time,
we have occasion to pass along breeding stock that we feel may be helpful to others, but honestly have no way of knowing
for certain how the animals will impact someone else's herd.   

Anyone else claiming to be working with us on their Lionhead herd is making a misleading statement.
While we enjoy that people use LA Lions stock in their Lionhead program, we have no control over
or input into their breeding practices.  Typically, rabbits that leave LA Lions have a trait that
we find to be an asset to the Lionhead breed, but we have no control over their development
or how they are used in someone's breeding program.  We have no way to predict the quality of their offspring.


 We put together a good page to compare the different colors of tort.
To see it, click here:


A Word of Advice to Prospective Lionhead Rabbit Buyers:
This should be common sense, but bears stating:
Caution should be exercised when buying a rabbit from a webpage.
~*~Beware~*~ There are so many factors to consider when deciding to purchase a Lionhead rabbit.  Here are just a few:
Be wary of individuals that sell mass quantities of Lionheads and heavily advertise that their stock
comes from show winning bloodlines.
 Just because the pedigree may contain the names of well known
rabbits or rabbitries who have produced National
show winners does not mean that you are purchasing a Lionhead
 of top quality or even show winning potential.
Just because a particular rabbitry produced a show winner does not mean that ALL rabbits they produce are of equal quality.  
Quality varies greatly from rabbitry to rabbitry due to different
 breeding and culling practices, along with many other factors.  
Not all breeders have the same vision
for the Lionhead rabbit, and each has their own interpretation of the current Working Standard.  
What one breeder considers show/brood/pet/cull quality may be vastly different from another breeder's opinion.
Just because you purchase a Lionhead from a rabbitry that boasts a successful
& lengthy show record
you cannot be 100% certain that the rabbit you are purchasing will have the same successful show winning potential.
Some rabbitries keep their best, and will only sell animals they consider to be culls.  This is a fact, and is simply human nature.
When purchasing an animal from a photo on a webpage, remember that there are programs out there designed to alter and
improve the appearance of the animal in the photograph. (Yes, mane wool CAN be photo-shopped in!)
 The best method to purchase an animal and know exactly what you are buying is to visit the rabbitry and view the sale animal in person.
In the Lionhead breed, BOB/BOS/BOV & BOSV wins do not always accurately portray the picture of quality either, since you have no way
of knowing how much competition the animal had, or whether there were any other exhibitors in attendance at the show at all.
No breeder can guarantee how a judge will evaluate a particular animal, or if it will place in the top of its class 100% of the time.  
Additionally, the alteration of a rabbits' pedigree or removal of a rabbitry prefix from a rabbits' name is dishonest and designed to deceive.  
As is taking credit for producing rabbits that the breeder did not personally produce or any other attempt to mislead buyers in order to make a sale.  
(You have to ask yourself why a breeder would use bloodlines in their program that they are not willing to credit. ?
Lastly, people place value on things differently, therefore
the price of an animal is not always an absolute indicator of quality. 
We typically price our rabbits based on what we ourselves would pay for a comparable rabbit from another reputable breeder.
Quite honestly, since rabbits are so fragile, I personally will only pay so much for a rabbit, but that is just my opinion.
Some breeders have absolutely earned the right to charge an exclusive price for their rabbits, because you are paying for all their years of hard work
in producing consistently exceptional rabbits that will hopefully make a positive impact on your rabbitry.
I am proud to know a few of those breeders and they most certainly should get the prices they are asking!
However, I am also aware of some breeders that should not even be selling their poor quality animals to unsuspecting buyers.
Consider your purchases carefully and research the breeder you are buying from.  As the saying goes, most times you really do get what you pay for.
LA Lions has no control over the practices of other rabbitries and can only recommend those we personally have had good dealings with.
We have no control over what happens to a rabbit we have produced or sold once it leaves our rabbitry,
or how it is used in someone else's program.
 We can only stand behind the animals that we have personally bred
 and sold to others,
not the offspring created at other rabbitries.
Most of the breeders on our Links page are personal friends whose stock we feel is in line with our vision for the Lionhead rabbit breed.  
We consider these breeders to be honest and of good reputation.  We have had a good experience in our dealings with them.

Our links are in no way a complete listing of competent Lionhead breeders, as there are many more.  

Above all, Trust Your Instincts.


 "KC LITTLE DOVE" (aa-bb-chd c-Ee-dd)

As a side note:  KC Java did not carry dilute and could not produce a dilute kit,
neither did he carry shaded (chl) or chin (chd) or REW (c).  He is not a known vienna carrier.

KC Java was used to sire a mere 8 litters for us here at LA Lions, producing 29 kits, of which only 10 were kept.  
He grew to well over 4 pounds and his mane all but disappeared by maturity.  
Since he was no longer needed in our program, we graciously gave him away to a breeder we assumed was interested in using him to improve the Lionhead breed.  
His new owner continues to use him to crank out literally hundreds of kits with a vast number of brood does, so his name can be found in numerous pedigrees.  
LA Lions cannot speak to the quality of any of his offspring not carrying the LA Lions prefix.

KC Little Dove carried chin (chd) and REW (small c) and could not produce shaded animals.
She is not a known vienna carrier.

Kim Croak has stated that she keeps her BEW program completely separate from her other color projects.



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