Tye's Tans
ARBA Registered Rabbitry #D012 eff. 7/9/10

Proud Member of ARBAATRSC and ITRSC

Tye had the great fortune of winning an ARBA registered black Tan buck in the raffle at the
NTOP show in Seward, NE in November 2009.  
Thus, his love of Tans began...

Tye's first litter of Tans born April, 2010 produced the BEST IN SHOW/Best 4 Class Rabbit
in the 2010 Starke Co. 4-H Fair!!!(congrats to Will Stasiek & "Shatzie"!!)

Tye won his own first BEST 4 CLASS with home-raised black Jr. doe "Tye's Ocean Star"
at Laporte Co. Fair Open Show on 7/17/2010!!

Tye also won BOV Chocolate Tan (youth)
at the 88th ARBA Convention 2011 in Indianapolis, IN
with his home-raised chocolate Jr buck "Tye's Reeses".
 (Tye's first ever Convention entry!!!)
Other placings: 2nd Choc Sr. buck (of 5), 3rd Blk Sr. buck (of 11) and 5th & 6th Blk Jr. doe (of 16).

*2012 ATRSC National Tan show- 1st place Lilac Jr. Buck, 3rd Place Blue Jr. Doe, 3rd & 8th Place Chocolate Sr. Doe, 3rd Place Chocolate Jr. Buck, 6th Place Black Sr. Doe, 6th Black Jr. Buck, and 4th, 5th & 6th Black Jr. Doe.  Also winner of the LORD division in the youth royalty contest. Black Sr. Doe won BOSV Black the night before in the Specialty Show.
*2013 ATRSC National Tan show - Tye did not show any Tans, but was winner of the pre-junior division of the youth Leadership contest.
*2013 ARBA National Convention-10th Black Sr. B (of 14), 9th Black Jr. D (of 20)
Special thanks to Jodi Hartman (D&J's) for the great start to Tye's herd!!!

Tye's 2013 herd...

Tye's Scotty
ARBA Reg black buck

BOSV - CRBA Youth 6/9/13
2013 ARBA National Convention-10th Black Sr. B (of 14)

Tye's Paintbrush
ARBA Reg black doe
2 legs

BOS -LCRBA Show A Open (leg) 5/11/13
BOB - LPCF Open (leg) 7/6/13

GC D&J's Twizzler

black tan buck
Gold Star ARBA Registered
Grand Champion

BOS, BOSV - 6-6-10 Iroquois RBA Show B (leg) Open
BOB, BOV - 6-27-10 Calumet RBA Youth (leg)
BOS, BOSV - LaPorte Co Fair Open Show 7/17/2010
BOB. BOV - 4-16-11 NWIRBA White Co. (leg)

GC Tye's Frances
ARBA Reg black doe
2 legs

6th Black Jr. Doe 2012 ATRSC Tan Natl Show Youth
BOS, BOSV - LCRBA Open Show A 5/12/12
BOB, BOV - LCRBA Open Show B 5/12/12 leg
BOS - Iroquois Co. RBA Show A 6/12 leg
BOB MissSalaBash Show A 9/12 leg
BOS MissSalaBash Show B 9/12

Proven, good foster mother

Tye's Wave Runner
black buck
1 leg

BOS, BOSV (leg) Miss-Sala-Bash RC Youth Show A 9/28/13

Tye's Charlet
black doe
1 leg

BOV (leg) PCF Open 7/20/13

Tye's Mrs. Puff
black doe

2013 ARBA National Convention-9th Jr. Doe (of 20)

Tye's Pearl
black doe

Tye's Joie Anne
black doe
1 leg

BOS -LCRBA Show B Open (leg) 5/11/13

Photo Coming Soon

Tye's Rabbity
black doe

BOB - Whitley Co Youth 3/9/13
BOB - CRBA Youth  6/9/13

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